My life has been a search, an exploration and a journey through different experiences and adventures to reach the realization and awaken a universal consciousness in harmony with the Unity, Beauty and Love of all creation.


Over the years, art, and music more precisely, have been the main motivation that has been pushing me to create and translate into sounds and songs, more and more deeply and clearly the feelings and visions that have accompanied me during my journey that helped me to grow and expand consciousness.


Today, I sing and write with an open heart, letting the truth that I live, almost magically flowing and impregnating in the sounds and melodies.

A vision of Unity, Beauty, Harmony and Love for my brothers, the world and the universe.

Sincerely hope these songs and message will inspire you, heal you and help in your own way to the realization of your truth. That is my gift to you!i!                                                          

"The perfect union of the infinite with the finite, to create an unique perspective of creation and to be an instrument to translate into songs and sounds a message to awaken to the Beauty, Harmony and Love of every moment in our lives." 

 NAMASTE! Dear brothers!!!