A night in October, I came to feel, see and understand in depth, that there is an energy that transcends all understanding and categorization.

Feeling everything and everyone in me, with a great love in my heart, I forgot and renounce the world, family, friends and all loved ones.

At that time, I was reborn and felt what I truly am, that energy, that infinite Love.


Everything revolved around me, dancing in infinite colors and shapes, worshiping and celebrating with a love and devotion like I never dreamed could exist.


My body, ecstatic in ineffable sensations and feelings to the sound of a song honoring and celebrating our mother earth and all creation. A perfect symphony of energies, so much love, so much beauty and harmony interacting timelessly, creating infinite worlds and dimensions magnificently to support my experience of Unity, Perfection and Love !. Infinite Gratitude!


Ultimately, we are that energy, that infinite LOVE that flows through countless dimensions and worlds in HARMONY to create BEAUTY. 

Being human, and being able to feel Love, is the blessing and greatest gift that we could have given to ourselves. It is the promise, which gave us the comfort to jump into an unknown world and be able to remember from the depths of darkness, what we truly are!

Return to the source in this life, to be able to feel Infinite and unconditional lS the best state and place in all creation to live!

We are here, in this blessed world for that!

Glorious destiny of ours.